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Are you ready to grow in wisdom? Want to make some helpful changes in your life? Would you like deeper levels of self-awareness and nonviolent expression? Do you long to have more conscious awareness and control of your emotions?

NVC is a power tool well-suited to all these purposes. Yet it can be hard to find an NVC Nonviolent Communication support group that fits your specific needs.  If you live in South Florida, you may have found one right here!

A Drop-in Communication Support Group

This group is dedicated to the learning and practice of NVC nonviolent communication skills. A meeting usually includes discussion of a specific chapter in the book. It might also include creative role plays. Role plays help illustrate real-life problem solving in a dramatic or amusing way.

As an ongoing, “open” group, there is no time commitment. You can attend as often as you like. Enjoy it at your own pace.

Meetings Based on the Book

Our meetings focus on a seminal book by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, “Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life.” People at all levels of NVC practice are welcome to attend.

To get the most benefit, we suggest you read a chapter of the book before each gathering. To know which chapter will be covered, send an email request to info@mediation-usa.net.  Ask to be placed on the invitation list. You’ll receive email invitations to each group meeting.

To read the first chapter of the book online at no cost, click here, or paste this link into your browser:  http://www.cnvc.org/Training/nvc-chapter-1

“Steve has an amazingly thorough understanding of non-violent communication. He is able to readily respond to individuals’ personal situations and to help them understand the importance of NVC Nonviolent Communication strategies. Our group found Steve’s work quite helpful on the path to a joy-filled life.”

— Paula Lalinde, PhD, CEO Nothing Trumps Hope                       Director, Path of Joyful Living Program — Miami, FL

Deep Listening and Empathy

This NVC Nonviolent Communication group strives to give the gift of empathy to anyone in need. At these moments, the entire group practices a meditative stillness of mind. Everyone co-creates a focused openness of heart. These are the hallmarks of compassionate communication.  They empower us all to be witnesses of the speaker’s feelings and needs. This is done without judgment or evaluation. There is no diagnosis, criticism or blame.

“I see NVC as a pure language of love. Reading Marshall Rosenberg’s book was a wonderful eye opener–it showed me how I’d learned from my culture to perceive and speak in non-compassionate ways. Practicing the language of compassion was challenging, but with help from the NVC Nonviolent Communication practice group, I began to make significant changes in my everyday communication. The greatest gift comes from the quality of my relationships resulting especially from Steve’s help and understanding. He is compassionate and truly models NVC clearly and effectively. I feel grateful for his inspired coaching, and to the Miami practice group for all their support. I feel very excited and hopeful when I witness the highly developed skills of people who have been practicing NVC longer than I.”

— Dr. Robert E. Walsh, Walsh Wellness Center                         Fort Lauderdale, Florida

NVC Nonviolent Communication is A Journey

Developing your interpersonal communication skills is a lifelong journey. It can take weeks just to learn new ways of being and speaking. It can take months to break old knee-jerk habits. Steve Pollack’s NVC Nonviolent Communication group gatherings offer a unique blend of support. You’ll learn the fluid, organic communication process. You’ll also be empowered to enjoy the giving of pure empathy.

The group has flexibility built into it. Some gatherings lean more toward support. Others focus more on learning theory and practice exercises. It depends on who shows up and what needs are alive in the moment.

Contributions are Appreciated

All gatherings are free of charge.  There is a request, however, for willing, joyful contributions offered without a sense of obligation. Contributions are based on value. We hope you will contribute based on the value you find in the learning. Many also find value in supportive connections and new friendships within the group.

Doing Your Part

Remember, you can help us make the most of the group’s time. You can enhance your own learning. Simply read the suggested chapter of Rosenberg’s book before attending. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn!

Request to be on the email list and you’ll receive invitations. Each one will specify the chapter to be covered.

“I have worked with Steve Pollack for a number of years. I continue to be enriched, cherished and assisted in my personal growth by practicing NVC under his leadership. Steve is an empathic and caring facilitator who creates and maintains a safe container for rigorous and honest practice. To anyone interested in learning NVC, confronting personal crisis, or facilitating personal growth, I recommend him to you most highly.”

 — Stephanie King, “2000 Florida Teacher of the Year” — North Miami, Florida”

“I met Steve many years ago when I was looking for a yoga class, I had no idea that this class would change my life. Steve introduced me to meditation and spiritual philosophies that are now an integral part of my life. I have become more focused, more calm and truly happy from the inside out. He also provided me with notes from his NVC talks that I have referred back to when listening to someone who needs compassion. I have been told that I have become very compassionate! Steve is not only inspirational, but has a warm, inviting presence and a great sense of humor as well.”

— Kathy Rotundo, Miami Shores, Florida

For more information about Steve Pollack and NVC Nonviolent Communication, please call 305.947.9115. Or, send an email to: info@mediation-usa.net


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