What’s *THAT,* You Ask? I’m announcing a unique, customized NVC translation service. This page is an open invitation to you, dear reader.

Please submit any communication issue, problem or challenge that you are facing. Maybe it’s an issue from the past that still haunts you. Think of it as a Dear Abby column. Only it’s specifically for help with addressing the toughest, most problematic communication situations.

I will do my best to translate both sides of the conflict into purely Nonviolent Communication (NVC). My hope is it will part the seas of violence and set “my people” free.

Speaking of free, as much as I would like to continue offering this service free of charge, I no longer do.  I’ve chosen to fulfill my need for financial self-care by making this NVC translation service available at my regular hourly rates. The rates are posted on my business site:

Please do let the submissions start to stream in. I will respond as time allows. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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