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I’m an independent mediator and collaborative communication coach who can help you to co-create greater ease, connection and mutual understanding in your personal and professional relationships. As a non-traditional specialist, my aim is to get concrete results for my clients in a fraction of the time usually required by traditional therapy and counseling. Please visit my business website: . The emotion-based coaching work I do is deeply therapeutic, yet I am neither a psychologist nor a psychotherapist. Instead I work with a holistic, empathic process called compassionate, nonviolent communication. I also facilitate ongoing support groups for people who want to learn this organic process of nonjudgmental communication to help build bridges of connection, harmony, collaboration and understanding. For more about my Build Compassionate Relationships meetup group, visit: . I’ve been offering these services to the public since 2000 in the greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, as well as by phone and through Skype conferencing. . Nonviolent Communication is a process developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It’s based on a very pure, nonjudgmental language of feelings, needs and requests. I’ve found this to be a powerful tool in my mediation work which involves bringing two or more people together despite a painful history of conflict.

People Can Save Lives Using the Language of NVC Nonviolent Communication

Desperate Need for NVC in the World I only wish NVC had been able to prevent this: A few days ago, a man in a neighboring condominium development shot the woman who lived directly upstairs from him. The incident was … Continue reading

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Let’s Explore Empathic Presence: How to Understand the Spiritual Experience and its Connected Healing Powers

What Is Healing, Empathic Presence? While corresponding with a close friend, I recently found myself describing a very rare quality of healing, empathic presence. It’s a state of consciousness that I’ve been fortunate to experience while doing NVC-related work with … Continue reading

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Triggers Can Be Healed

I call this the Human Connection CODE.  C.O.D.E. stands for Communication Of Deep Empathy.  It’s one of the most powerful healing practices anyone can do to heal triggers. Triggers are those pesky things that set us off emotionally. As you … Continue reading

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Abandonment, Abandoners and the Abandoned

NVC is an abbreviation for Nonviolent Communication, a natural process of interpersonal connecting through compassion and understanding even amidst disagreement and conflict. Here’s a letter I wrote to a dear, longtime friend. She had  fallen on desperately hard times, and … Continue reading

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The NVC Dogma of Feelings & Needs

Feelings and Needs, NVC Dogma? Feelings and Needs Overdone? In pursuing the study of NVC, I’ve encountered some surprising twists and turns along the path. Marshall Rosenberg and many certified NVC trainers emphasized the importance of feelings and needs at … Continue reading

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A Razor’s Edge of NVC Expression

Talking & Walking the Razor’s Edge Sometimes I’d start to feel sure I’d finally got this NVC discipline down. I was balancing upon the proverbial razor’s edge, avoiding judgmental words left and right. Then, out of the blue, an NVC … Continue reading

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Practice NVC through Psychic Airwaves

Technology Gets in the Way of Pure NVC Expression One of the most common temptations we face when starting to learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC), is to put convenience first. This is sometimes done at the cost of human connection. Many … Continue reading

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NVC Won’t Work on Grown Children

At a recent gathering of my NVC practice/support group, the subject of grown children came up. Trying to get them to call more often seems to be a sort of lost cause. I often hear people say that if you … Continue reading

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Beating Yourself Up for Mistakes is “Emotional Lupus”

So, you forgot a major dentist or doctor appointment which triggered an annoying penalty/fine and on top of that, you had to wait months to get another appointment. You could beat yourself up over it… Your inner jackals (judgmental thoughts) … Continue reading

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A Triumph of Nonviolent Communication in Action

Being the Change I Want to See Maybe you’ve heard some version of the old story about a man who came to Buddha and yelled and screamed at him, judging him up and down. Buddha just observed the man and … Continue reading

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